We are not toys, Silence book

About: Some people have been loose the feeling of safety and protection from their home because of domestic abuse. Notably, children are exposed to violence too quickly, and they usually don't have many opportunities to escape from the situation. I used the metaphoric images for describing how children were treating. I believe that visual images bring the impact to viewers to think about the issue deeply.
Tool: digital collage.
 May 2020

We are all islands, Picturebook

About: It is started from the idea <No man is an island> is quoted from John Donne. If we are all islands, how we get to know each other? We have words, language and communication. In this book, we can see metaphoric images about the first communication. 
Tool: mixed materials
&digital collage.
 Jan 2020

The king of the cats, Picturebook

About: It is based on old folklore < The king of the cats>
of More English Fairy Tales written by Joseph Jacob. 
Tool: printmaking
&digital edit.
 Jan 2020

Special Chocolates, Picturebook

About: Leo loves chocolates, and his auntie Maria’s
chocolates are the best in his world.
This time Maria said that
“ If you are being good,
I will give you special cholates! ”
He get the task and he is read to do it ...
but what is being good?
Tool: printmaking&digital collage.
May 2019

Hide&Seek, Picturebook

About: Thinking about the game of hide and seek with little humen and the giant cat. They are playing in the giant cat’s house.

Tool: Printmaking&digital collage.
Nov 2018