Artist, Illustrator
Picture book maker


Dowon Kwon is an illustrator and picture book maker from South Korea who has a passion for telling stories about human relationships and society with metaphor.
She graduated in 2020 from Cambridge school of art with MA Children’s book illustration. She mainly works with digital collage and printmaking using bright and limited color palette. She loves using texture and mark making in her work to create happy accidents. Her inspiration comes from animals, mysterious nature and human life. Also all her works have a unique storyline.

2020년 Cambridge school of art 에서
Children book's illustration 석사를 졸업하고
일러스트레이터, 그림책 작가로 활동 중이다. 

환경, 인간 사회에 대한 이슈, 관계에 대한 이야기를 쓰는 걸 좋아한다. 모노프린트에 익숙하며, 여러 질감과 기법을 이용하여 디지털 콜라주 작업을 한다. 

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2022 이탈리아 Bologna book fair - “The Children-Spectators” Illust selected 선정
2021 영국 UK Picture hooks illustration competition winner 대상
2020 영국 UK Templar design award Long-listed 선정
2019 미국 3x3 international illustration award merit 수상
2017 이탈리아 Tapirulan Illustration contest Long-listed 선정


VISANG 비상교육 (Illust, 2023)
MEGASTUDY 메가 스터디 엘리하이 (Illust, 2023)
ELLE Kor 엘르 코리아 (Illust, 2022)
KKDOTORY 키큰도토리 (Publication, 2022-23)
SINSAGO 신사고 (Publication, 2022)
DONGAMNB 동아엠앤비 (Publication, 2022)
Columbia Sportwear Company (Illust, 2021)
HYUNBOOKS 현북스 (Publication, 2021)
WOONGIN 웅진 (Publication, 2021)
May of Face 오월의 얼굴 (Publication, 2020)

AWW Vol.4 (Illust, 2021)